Antenna Tracking

Over the last couple of months we have been working on a tracking antenna for our Ground Station. The objective of this projects is to have high-gain (and thus small beamwidth) antennas for a more stable link up to the UAV whilst it is in flight. This particular model has a Pixhawk autopilot system on […]

Deliverable 2 Preparation

With the Deliverable 2 report and video due in 6 weeks, we’ve started our videoing efforts with our new Pilatus Porter airframe. This weekend’s objectives were to practice takeoff, bottle drop and landing video capture – we had a couple of cameras going a different angles. The major learning curve for us was tracking the […]

New Airframe Build

Much of the past week has been busily spent building up our backup airframe – the Pilatus Porter. In the event of our primary airframe (the Bushmaster) being damaged or destroyed, we will be the Pilatus Porter. The initial flights were very successful. However, some work is still needed with tuning the controls and reducing […]

Airframe Updates

After another crash of our Beaver airframe (pictured below) last weekend, we have taken the decision to start the transition to a more suitable airframe to our needs. Our primary plan is to build our own simple airframe based on the this design. The fuselage will be specifically shaped to hold our imaging, computer and […]

New Website

We now have a new website! This site is designed to be lighter and easier the navigate. We will keep it updated with our development in the lead-up to the 2014 Outback UAV Challenge.