CanberraUAV Passes 1st Stage of UAV Challenge

CanberraUAV have been given a “go” decision for the Deliverable 1 checkpoint for the 2016 UAV Challenge. Along with 58 other teams from around the world, we will now be progressing to the next Checkpoint – Deliverable 2 in April 2016.

VTOL Success

Over the last couple of months we have been designing and building a hybrid quadcopter-airplane as a potential airframe for the 2016 UAV Challenge. The reason for this is given the distance and speeds required (up to 60km in 40 minutes, not including headwinds) for the UAV Challenge it was suspected that a traditional helicopter… Read More »

Testing and More Testing

Over the last couple of months, most of our time has been spent gaining experience with small and medium sized helicopters. It has been a challenge building and flying them (and the resulting repairs!), but we are now getting close to having a reliable APM-controlled helicopter. We also hope to soon have a VTOL fixed… Read More »

Helicopter Testing

As part of our efforts investigating options for the 2016 Outback UAV Challenge, we have spent the last couple of weeks building up a small (500-size) electric helicopter as our test platform.


Over the last couple of weeks we’ve started looking at parachute recoveries for our UAV’s. The advantage of this is that a prepared runway (or road/track) is not required for landing. Combined with a hand-launched takeoff, we would be able to operate UAV’s from remote locations – giving us far more flexibility in our operations.… Read More »

2014 OBC Video

At the 2014 Outback Challenge, a BBC film crew was present and recorded footage of the event. This has since been produced into a 6 minute segment for their “Click” program

CanberraUAV and “The Plan”

After many team meetings and discussions, CanberraUAV has developed a detailed set of goals for the next couple of years.

The general theme is that we want to build up a capability to run real-life Search and Rescue scenarios in concert with the emergency services. We also want to collaborate with other like-minded organisations to do the same.

Review and Analysis

Now that we’ve had a chance to go over and analyse our performance at the 2014 OBC, we have created a couple of reports that we hope other UAV builders/pilots will find useful.

Winners of the OBC

As many people are aware, CanberraUAV have won the 2014 UAV Outback Challenge!

We were 1 of 4 teams to successfully drop the water bottle within 100m of Outback Joe. Of this, we dropped it 2.6m away from Joe. The next nearest team (SFWA) dropped at 23.6m.